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Conrad Dimanche Strengthens A&R Resources with PMP Worldwide

conrad-headshotsConrad Dimanche may remain one of the most recognizable figures in the contemporary recording industry; however, he is the first one to admit that this success did not come without hard work. With hard work and dedication, this leading A&R professional was able to effectively combine his talent for business development with that of his passion for the music industry and its endless pool of creativity. Beginning as the owner of a barbershop, Dimanche quickly began to explore the music scene within New York City.

Eventually, Dimanche’s focus on managing talent led him to land a position as an intern at Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Bad Boy Records—one of the most influential labels in hip hop. With an undying dedication towards learning the business, Conrad Dimanche worked for many years before he became the Senior A&R Director for Bad Boy Records. Under this role, he managed the production of several platinum albums coming from noteworthy artists such as Notorious B.I.G., Danity Kane, Carl Thomas, Black Rob, Day 26, Young Joc, and Diddy himself.

Although the success of Dimanche is one that speaks for itself, he continues to push forward to prompt innovation within the recording industry. Maintaining the same values for hard work and dedication that he displayed as a young intern, Dimanche is now the co-founder and President of PMP Worldwide, a unique company that strives to revolutionize the way talent and production professionals approach the creative marketplace found within the music industry.

About PMP Worldwide was created to serve as a community for everyone within the recording industry; it is a virtual database in which talent, producers and buyers can come together to discover great music and exchange business deals. Given that the music world has witnessed a tremendous influx of talent alongside the rise of the digital era, it has become more important than ever for those on the business end of the recording industry to streamline their transactional activity.

PMP—short for Production MarketPlace—inspires all aspects of music development, whether it is coming from the work presented by leading producers or those that wish to purchase and launch a musical career. Effective communication between these parties is the life force that drives continuous innovation in the creative community, which is why PMP Worldwide has made it much easier for those in the industry to reach other professionals that they can conduct business with.

How does PMP Worldwide work?

PMP Worldwide is essentially a network made up of diverse professionals within the recording industry. In addition to welcoming a vast array of talent, PMP Worldwide also features those working in the industry at various levels. For instance, those who are just starting out as producers can find the resources they need through this website, and those who are seasoned A&R professionals can experience a new way to find talent.

The members of PMP Worldwide are comprised of many producers who offer exceptional tracks of up-and-coming artists. Co-founder and President Conrad Dimanche, explains that with dedication these producers can make their mark within the PMP community depending on the level of professionalism and talent that they present. For instance, those that continually offer high quality tracks that gain attention can earn greater recognition as a “Featured Producer” on the site—further highlighting their professional strengths.

While this collective group of producers can serve as a great networking opportunity for emerging professionals, it also represents a finessed group of talent that many labels are looking for. Buyers can join the PMP Worldwide community to listen to tracks, connect with producers and discover new talent. By helping these two parties connect, PMP Worldwide allows recording industry professionals to make successful transactions and promote new music to the points it deserves to reach.

Noting that many of its members may prove beginners or newcomers to the music industry world, PMP Worldwide also strives to provide effective resources that allow these figures to conduct business in a proper fashion. For example, PMP Worldwide has displayed a great dedication to informing artists and producers about the best ways they can protect their investments. On the flipside, the company has aimed to help buyers locate producers that are reputable, so that their financial transactions are fair and reasonable.

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